Good Night, Sweet Tape Player

And so it ends. Sony has announced that the cassette player, the world's first portable music player, begins its last great journey off to the happy hunting grounds of other bygone tech products. So long, tape player. So long, "Walkman." You opened us up to a brave, new world in which we were free to leave our house and listen to music without needing to be mindful of who or what was going on around us. For that, we are forever grateful. The world was not worthy of you. May you one day return as an object hipsters can listen to ironically, insisting that it "sounds better" than digital music or something. Until then, fare thee well ...

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Colin M. Steinke


Colin M. Steinke commented…

Analog music does have a certain warmth to it that its digital counterpart cannot attain due to the nature of pure sound waves and the way that data is digitized, but by no means does a tape player achieve the warmth of vinyl. So do not worry, random author. We need not worry that dirt particles glued to plastic lengths of tape shall return as a medium for our music.

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