Gun Giveaway in Tucson Sparks Controversy

A gun giveaway program in Tucson, Ariz.—the location of a 2011 mass shooting that killed six people and injured several others, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords—has sparked a controversy among local residents. The giveaway is part of The Armed Citizen Project, an initiative that gives shotguns and gun training to homeowners and single women that live in areas with high crime rates. Gun advocates in the state donated $12,500 to the campaign. The Armed Citizen Project wants to arm hundreds of citizens in at least 15 major cities this year. Critics of the program say that the $400 that it costs to arm and train each recipient could be better used to help at-need residents in the community, and say that higher gun ownership rates don’t equate to lower crime rates …


Seth tower&amp


Seth tower&amp commented…

Well, there's lots of non-profits that spend money, you could argue, to "serve the poor."

For example, I recently saw a non-profit that asked you to sponsor horses in Central America so they could retire.

I grew up on a working farm, and I love horses...but I'd much rather turn them into glue, and sponsor one of the many impoverished children I've personally met in Central America.

Also, there have been six home invasions in my neighborhood (on the south side of Chicago) since March 1st. These are within walking distance of my apartment. I'd thank anyone who would help my neighbors (mainly lower class Polish and Mexican immigrants) keep their families safe.

Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I'd think I nice sign on the door or window of your house advertising the fact you've been through this program might deter people from those particular houses.



Smoothee commented…

"be better used to help at-need residents in the community"

That's exactly what they're doing. It's amazing the kind of controversy you can cause when you say that citizens have a right to *gasp* ... keep guns in their own home!

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