Guy Pops the Question with the Help of 8,000 Post-It Notes

Asking your girlfriend to marry you on a Post-It note would be pretty lame. But popping the question using a mural you made from 8,000 personally-inscribed Post-It notes is the stuff of Internet legend. It took Brett months to write “I love you” on each note, and hours of hard work creating this Post-It mosaic on the wall of his girlfriend’s home while she was away. Thankfully, she said yes, otherwise that would have been a pretty awkward clean-up …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

You'd almost hate to take them down after all that work. Post-it wallpaper, now that's something to look into....

Mike Holmes


Mike Holmes replied to Esther Aspling's comment

I agree. That is a room you just leave as a mural lol!

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