Heartbreaking Video Shows How Technology Addiction Is Changing Childhood

Is a generation of kids missing out on a childhood of exploration and outdoor fun because of technology? The granola bar company Nature Valley has released this ad that asks three generations of people in several different families the same question: When you were a kid, what did you do for fun? While parents and grandparents talked about things like fishing, forests and baseball, many of today’s children discussed the hours they spent on mobile devices and playing video games. Sure, it’s a granola bar ad (and not exactly a scientific survey), but it’s still pretty a sobering commentary on how technology is changing the ways we spend our time.

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Janay Boyer


Janay Boyer commented…

What's so hard about not giving your kids a tablet or a smartphone? Don't parents have the authority to MAKE them turn it off and suggest something novel like reading a book or playing outside?

Chris Baccus


Chris Baccus commented…

The problem isn't video games unless you as a parent have no spine to limit your kids' time on such devices. The real issue is structured activities. Everything the grandparents and parents mention wasn't a class or club that one had to pay to join to do after school. Today all the streets are bare not because everyone is playing video games inside. It's because everyone is at soccer practice, a music lesson or at some older kid daycare center. No one is around playing outside because we have turned every activity into a business and eliminated the concept of kids just going outside their front door and playing with the other kids in the neighborhood. That is the problem.


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