This High School Hero Took His Great-Grandmother to Her First Prom

Chivalry is not dead—it just hasn't graduated yet. That's because Van Wert, Ohio senior Austin Dennison is still in high school, but he's doing his part to be his generation's knight in shining armor. He found out that his 89-year-old great-grandmother, Delores, had never got to a prom in her life (money was too tight back in the '40s). So, when his own senior prom came along, he asked her to be his date, because that's what a gentleman does. He took her shopping to pick out a snazzy dress and took her to her favorite restaurant, Bob Evans. And though she didn't have enough energy for much dancing, she did join Austin for one dance: Sinatra's "Delores," which her husband sang to her before he passed.

That's how it's done, Austin ...


Blake Johnson


Blake Johnson commented…

I'd like to shake this guy's hand.

Beverly D LeBlanc


Beverly D LeBlanc commented…

Austin, you are a true knight. I am so proud to have been able to Comment of your deed of valor. May you be blessed a thousand fold. Thank you.

Michael Johnson


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