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The Highest-Selling Album of 2012 Came Out in 2011

Look, everybody loves Adele. Even if some of us maybe don't love Adele's music, she seems like a fun, smart, humble woman who just happens to have a voice that sounds like it was marinated in a golden pot of sweet, sweet honey harvested from a hive of benevolent bees living on top of heaven's tallest mountain. Nevertheless, there is a time and place for anything, and the time and place for Adele's 21 was 2011, in which it was easily that year's highest-selling album. And yet, SoundScan just released word that 21 was also the highest-selling album of 2012. Nothing against Adele, really, but did no other albums come out in 2012? The runner-ups of 2012 were the eternally lovelorn Christmas tree farmer Taylor Swift's Red, British junior high Rufio-impersonators One Direction's Up All Night and giant Hobbiton escapees Mumford and Sons' Babel. None of them could put a dent in Adele's dominance, though, and those are about the heaviest hitters the music industry has right now. Good luck breaking Adele's streak, 2013 ...


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