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An Important Announcement From the 'Left Behind' Reboot Director

Vic Armstrong, the intrepid captain at the helm of the Left Behind reboot starring Nic Cage, Ashley Tisdale and Chad Michael Murray—a situation which remains one of the true highlights of being alive this day and age—has tweeted a casting call. Everyone in the Baton Rouge area, you now have the opportunity to be a part of this generation's shining moment. Ignore it at your peril ...




jason commented…

another fine example of relevant magazine doing their typical crap and being derogatory toward anything evangelical. if an individual sees the film and gets saved because of it, is it still right for you to talk down on it? sorry the film isn't directed by wes anderson, relevant. too bad it doesn't feature bill murray. pathetic.



jason replied to Wes Molebash's comment

"As it turns out, 99% of evangelical movies are crappy, and this Left Behind reboot looks like more of the same."

you know sooooo much since there's been a trailer released, right? exactly. keep sucking the "relevant" teet.

Wes Molebash


Wes Molebash replied to jason's comment

You should try the RELEVANT teet. It's tasty!



Ron commented…

The rapture doctrine is pure, flaming rubbish. I consider it one of the big lies that the church taught me when I was young. I clung to that belief because my life at that time was a hate-filled, abusive (Christian) hell hole. I can look back now and see my devotion to the Rapture for what it was: religious hysteria. I simply needed something to cling to. Easy for me to see now, that the Bible has to be tied in knots to make it sound like it says anything about a “Rapture”. There’s just no such thing.
In the days of Noah, the entire population of the Earth was “taken”. Only 8 people were “left behind”, those on the ark…that’s the language of the Bible. What you really want, is to be left behind.
The Bible does speak at some length, however, about the end times. Revelation has a number of details about the plagues of the Tribulation, just as it has some details about the plagues of Egypt. At the time of Moses, everyone saw those plagues, but they were experienced primarily by the Egyptians, not by the Hebrews. The chosen people were protected. This, I believe, is the template of the future as well.
The problem with end-times movies is not that they don’t have jillions of dollars to throw at production values. The reason why they’ve mainly been very crappy, is that they take a nonsensical belief (the Rapture) and try to make something true out of it. I’ve seen a number of these films; they’re junk. Occasionally they use a name-brand actor(Gary Busey deserves a better job), but that’s not enough to salvage them. They’re just badly made, because they’re badly written, usually badly acted, and badly founded—founded on pure nonsense.
Whoever’s making this latest film, I wish them well. Their best (and only) chance is to treat the subject for exactly what it is: pure escapist fiction. The Rapture was made up by people hysterically afraid about the future, and willing to believe anything but reality.

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