ISIS' New Enemy: A Terrifying Dutch Biker Gang

The global coalition getting together to stop ISIS is finding allies in unlikely places, but perhaps no place less likely or more profoundly awesome than this. "No Surrender" is the name of a Dutch motorcycle gang that has decided that only way to dispel outlaw justice is to do it yourself. Reportedly (and seen in tweets like this) members of No Surrender are biking into Syria and Iraq to give the Kurds fighting for their lives a little backup muscle. No Surrender's chief Klaas Otto confirmed to a Dutch TV station that several members have temporarily set up shop in Iraq.

Unlike some biker gangs, No Surrender seems pretty racially inclusive and less prone to fascist sympathies (their Facebook page features a quote from Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel about the importance of fighting injustice) , which might be why the Dutch government is being so chill about all this. "Joining a foreign armed force was previously punishable, now it's no longer forbidden," public prosecutor spokesman Wim de Bruin told reporters.

Something tells us that No Surrender doesn't really care about the legality of what they're doing one way or the other ...

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Vincent Verschuren


Vincent Verschuren commented…

Aye be a true story. A small Side note is that the motorcycle gang members that went are ex-militairy. Commando, marine etc. These are tough guys with a fighting Experience

Daniel Mata


Daniel Mata commented…

This is awesome and sacrificial


Sigmundr Úlfhéðinn


Sigmundr Úlfhéðinn commented…

What would being Fascist have to do with the holocaust? Nazis committed that, not Italian Fascists. I'm Fascist, and I have no respect for racists or any other person who tries and destroy their fellow man.

Ben Mills


Ben Mills replied to Sigmundr Úlfhéðinn's comment

hint: nazis were facists a square is not a rectangle ;)

Cristiano Meli


Cristiano Meli replied to Ben Mills's comment

Sigmundr, you spoke with the voice of the Gods... too bad most of the folks in this page won't understand.

Stu Blyde


Stu Blyde commented…

Let me see if I got this straight: Relevant Magazine is applauding violent people for going and helping to fight and kill other violent people, and praising God for it... I'm completely confused. I thought this was a publication dedicated to the glory of Jesus Christ. I'm not usually this critical, but this seems VERY outside the teachings of Jesus.

Ben Mills


Ben Mills commented…

Jesus is very vioent STU BLYDE when he needs to be ONLY. praise God for real christians like this they should be the modern saints if Rome would pull their head outta their ass and 'saint' REAL SAINTS

Daniela Dankelee


Daniela Dankelee commented…

That's funny the Criminal is fighting another Criminal . This Motorcycle gang stand no chance ..ISIS will eat them a life in Seconds.

Clarissa Gafoor


Clarissa Gafoor commented…

This story seems to have been around for a bit now...all I can say is wotaloaddarubbush!!!!

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