Judah Smith's New Book Gets More Twitter Love

Last week, pastor, author and speaker Judah Smith, received the so-called Bieber-bump when the pop-singer tweeted a raving endorsement of his new book Jesus Is. Now, Bieber pal Selena Gomez (who commands her own 14 million Twitter followers), gave the Seattle-based church leader some high-profile props.

The Biebs also followed up his book recommendation yesterday, retweeting a link to this story about Judah Smith’s recent Fox and Friends interview, in which he called the singer “a spectacular young man” ... …




Skevin commented…

That Fox and Friends interview was painful. (And not based on Judah's performance.)



Rick commented…

Saw the interview on Fox & Friends as well as the one on Starting Point with Solidad O'brien on CNN. Judah's got a great perspective. I think he's on to something. Made me think that God isn't mad at all of us that aren't perfect yet after all. Seems right.

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