Judge Rules ‘Morning-After Pill’ Be Available to All Ages without Prescription

A Federal Judge has ordered that the controversial morning-after birth control pill be available to all ages, without a doctor’s prescription. Up to now, the pill was only available to girls 16 and under with a prescription from a physician. The decision counter’s the Obama administration’s Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s 2011 decision to overrule an FDA recommendation that the pill be made available over the counter for all ages. The age restriction on Plan B, One-Step and other generic versions of the pill will be lifted within the next 30 days …


Tyler Gehman


Tyler Gehman commented…

Birth control is just a band-aid on this issue. Yes, no one wants to see a young mother struggling to support her young child, but we must ask why there is a need for birth control (used to control birth, not to treat chemical imbalance) in the first place. As Christians, we must seek to show people that Christ brings the healing that people are trying to do on their own. It is not loving to glance judgmentally down on those who don't see His saving grace. We must show the way to the satisfaction and redemption found only in Christ. As Christians, we can't stop at just handing out band-aids.



Adam commented…

this goes a little deeper than handing out band-aids to cover up a pregnancy. .as a christian you should be appalled because this pill is an abortion pill that aborts the pregnancy immediately or soon after. .yeah, we hate to see a young mother support a child too but actions bring consequence, and God will allow you to suffer those consequences.

"as christians, we can't stop at just handing out band-aids". .this remark confuses me. christians who stand by the bible and believe abortion is murder are not the ones handing out and/or approving these laws for the after morning pill

Kaitlin Elizabeth Elias


Kaitlin Elizabeth Elias replied to Adam's comment

The morning after pill doesn't abort a pregnancy, though. It has absolutely no effect if a woman is already pregnant. It is simply a high dose of birth control. I do think that the option of having the morning after pill might increase someone's willingness to engage in risky behavior, but the science of it is in no way abortion.

Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I really hope there aren't any children who take this pill and have health problems because of it. Children are not always aware of the side effects or drug interactions that can take place, which is why a prescription was necessary. No matter you belief of the pill and its purpose, there is a danger in children taking medication without their parents knowing.


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