"'Jurassic Park' is Unrealistic" -Scientists

Scientists. Always with the being scientific. It seems nobody can have a good time around here these days without some scientists showing up with their facts and figures, to convince us all that the world is one long marathon of insufferable boredom. Case in point, scientists are saying the idea behind Jurassic Park is unrealistic. You can go read it here, if you want to (Warning: Lots of science words) but the important thing to know is this: just get rid of any ideas you might have had about bringing the fun, imaginative, horrifying death-trap of Jurassic Park to life this day and age. Such a bummer. Will we ever get to have anything fun also be real? ...



Star16buck commented…

I guess I'm relieved?


Dave V commented…

Actually, the article is not accurate at all. MichaelCrichtonin his fictional work Jurassic Park already knew of the breakdown of DNA. He suggested that the only viable source of finding DNA would be in amber preserved ancientmosquitolike bugs (An alternative to discovering deep frozen fossils as hinted at at the end of the article). I guess whoever was writing the article was not a fan of the book and probably now is in my category of those scientists who laughed about ever reaching the moon. I want to bring my grandchildren to see T-Rex!


Anonymous commented…

^on the comment above. amber preservation would only extend the half-life of the genetic material, What the current research suggests is that dna has a fixed half life variable on how fixated your medium is of course.Even with the use of cryonics the half life would only be extended up to 6.8 million years. Unless of course amber preservation is superior fixation medium to a controlled cryogenics lab(unlikely).

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