Just a Simple Look at America's Highest Paid State Employees

Deadspin has put together this handy breakdown of each state's highest-paid employee and, well, wow. What can you say. It's not exactly news that America spends a good deal of money on sports, but it's still a little stunning to see it broken down like this. That said, if you're looking for a career shift, may we suggest getting into coaching. Lots of good money in coaching ...


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Wow. That's just a little sad. I like how the blue represents all positions that are "not coaches."


Jared Moody


Jared Moody replied to Esther Aspling's comment

Dear Esther, I get it, you have a blog and you want to improve your link relevancy for SEO, but you have comments and links on every Relevant article I see. Pace yourself.

Lewis Martin


Lewis Martin commented…

Want to get a job coaching college? First dedicate 2-4 years of your life playing and learning football in high school. Second dedicate 2-5 years playing and learning in college. Third dedicate 2-3 years as an unpaid graduate assistant. Fourth spend 3-10 years (if lucky) as a position coach. Fifth spend 2-10 years as a coordinator. Sixth spend 2-10 years in a small university setting as a head coach. Seventh get hired as head coach at a large university and roll in all the money you make. Go ahead, try...most people have a better chance winning the lottery than become a head football coach that is "the highest paid public employee".

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