Kanye West's New Album May Be a Gospel Album, Actually

To the chagrin of literally everyone in the gospel genre, Kanye West just tweeted that his new album, now titled Waves, will be a gospel album. And, because we all know Kanye is far too humble to imply that he is himself a deity, we can only assume that the album title is a play on "waves of mercy, waves of grace." As logical as that is though, we can probably all agree that this is just an elaborate scheme to get to the Dove Awards and steal the mic for Beyonce.


James Daniel


James Daniel commented…

I like that 'steal the mic' joke. but really, lets have some hope that Kanye does well with what he claims to be a Gospel album - it's not just for his fans, but for Him who gives freely (yes, I mean wisdom... for Kanye, but I don't mean that he lacks it).

Adah Leech


Adah Leech commented…

I give 100% support on your new gospel album. By God's Grace It will excel more than you have ever excelled.

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