Kids Named the Darndest Things

In about 10 years, we're all going to be faced with the challenge of explaining to our children why every girl in their class is named Hermione or Bella. That'll be hard enough. But based on the new list of 2012's hottest baby names, we'll have an even tougher time in 15 years, when their little brothers Cinna, Decimus and Theon show up. Apparently Game of Thrones and Hunger Games are the new inspirational baby name books of choice, which are both great because of how baby friendly all their content is. "Well, Katniss, you see, your name comes from a book where children are all gathered into a giant death trap and ...uh, hey, why don't you ask your mother?" ...



Anonymous commented…

Hopefully no one is cruel enough to name their kid Joffrey...



Amaka commented…

The Harry Potter craze, I understood and to a small extent, participated in. Twilight, while I can't stand the plot, I get the appeal. But I can't with The Hunger Games. The story was predictable and sterile and lacked heart (sorry, Katniss might have been great with an arrow but I couldn't connect with her at all.) People like what they like I guess.

Corey Stone


Corey Stone commented…

Definitely naming my firstborn son Tyrion. And he will always pay his debts.

John Rader


John Rader commented…

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