The Latest Thing: Shoe Pants

Are you a fashionable man or woman who is also completely overwhelmed by the most impossibly simple task of modern life: putting on your pants and then your shoes? Well, great news. You're going to love Shoe Pants. They're pants that are also shoes—basically, footie pajamas for "grown-ups." Very cool. Very adult. Now you're an utterly incompetent adult with style ...


Rich Confer III


Rich Confer III commented…

What happens when you go over to your friends house, and his mom asks you to take your shoes off at the door?


ErikH commented…

...and how do you wash them?

John Rader


John Rader commented…

At checkout, select "Ship to your local Family Christian store" and enter your zip code to seek out our closest location. You should definitely make your loved ones monetary goals significant.

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