Lawsuit Alleges TBN Covered Up Rape

Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world's largest religious broadcaster, is being sued by Carra Crouch, granddaughter of TBN founders Jan and Paul Crouch, who is accusing them of covering up her sexual abuse at the hands of an employee. Ms. Crouch, now 19, says that she was given alcohol and raped when she was 13 years old and, when she told her grandmother, was told to keep it a secret and refused access to police or counseling. TBN vehemently denies these accusations and has promised full cooperation with the investigation ...



Oliver Queen


Oliver Queen commented…

Why didn't she went to the police? This situation could have been easily avoided if she would have. Now her only chance to make things clear is to check out and ask a professional attorney to help on clearing her name before the scandal affects her career.

Gladys Talarico


Gladys Talarico commented…

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