At Least Your Car's Gas Pedal Didn't Get Stuck

Lots of reasons to be thankful out there today. First of all, you're not Dan. Second of all, you haven't had "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?" stuck in your head for three years. And now this: Your gas pedal didn't get stuck like this poor Frenchman, Frank Lecerf, who was on his way to the supermarket when he suddenly found his gas pedal jammed, his breaks worthless and his car barreling down the street at 125 miles per hour. Sacrebleu. Lecerf had the presence of mind to call the police, which organized a giant police escort for him, which followed him for an hour while he helplessly sped out of town and off into Belgium on his hour-long nightmare ride. Finally, he ran out of gas and was able to safely coast his car into a ditch. Renault, the makers of Lecerf's Laguna III, will be hearing from his lawyers very shortly. In the meantime, feeling thankful yet? ...


mike tatu


mike tatu commented…

Why in the world wouldn't he just turn off his ignition!?

Joshua Champion


Joshua Champion commented…

Ever tried turning your car off when your engine is running at full revs? Can get really messy...

Mason George


Mason George commented…

Wow… That must have been a hell of an experience. I got shivers all over juts by reading this. I wonder how he would have got over the trauma that would have parted on him after this incident.

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