Let this Hipster Business Idea Generator Ironically Inspire Your Inner-Entrepreneur

Simply refresh this page repeatedly (or click the “About Us” link) and behold a new, brilliant Brooklyn hipster business name. The business generator is a never-ending source of “socially responsible”, “fixed-gear” company names. Brooklyn Laser Disc Company (Suppliers of homemade, free-range laser discs), Brooklyn Pancake Company (Builder of socially responsible, antique pancakes) and Brooklyn Chopstick Company (Makers of urban, authentic chopsticks) are just a few of the million-dollar ideas that await …

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Maryann Farrugia


Maryann Farrugia commented…

Well i think this is good, you can get some good ideas. But I visited the site and its 404 and i think this is not working anymore. I hope this can be fixed, getting inspiration is not that easy though. You can get inspiration anywhere but can it really release your inner-entrepreneur self?

Maryann Farrugia | Offshore Business Processing

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