Liberty U. Gives Scholarship to High Schooler Charged for Accidentally Bringing Gun to School

Liberty University recently made headlines for becoming one of only a handful of schools to allow students to carry firearms into classrooms (if they meet certain criteria and have a concealed weapons permit). Now Liberty, which is one of the nation’s largest Christian schools, is offering a scholarship to a high school student facing gun charges. Recently, David "Cole" Withrow was arrested and suspended when he says he accidently left a shotgun in the back of his truck after going skeet shooting. When teachers overheard him call his mother to retrieve the gun when he realized he had left it in his car when he drove to school, they called the police and Withrow was arrested and charged with a felony.

In a statement, the school said, "In reaction to the gun control debate in America, Liberty University recently loosened—not strengthened—its concealed weapons policy on campus, and is now providing a scholarship to a North Carolina high school student who was arrested for leaving a shotgun in his pick-up truck in the school parking lot." In an interview with The Blaze, school president Jerry Falwell, Jr. expressed his opinion about gun laws and the case. "I think they were just trying to make a point that guns are evil. Our society is just going too far … Anti-gun zealots tried to vilify him for doing the right thing, so Liberty has decided to award him the help he needs to attend a private Christian college” …


J Conley


J Conley commented…

I really don't like this gesture. Nothing against the student, but Liberty U is sending the wrong message with this scholarship. Christianity and pro-gun rhetoric? It's just abominable.



Daniel replied to J Conley's comment

Abominable? Why? Because he went skeet shooting? Fear of guns is what is abominable.

Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Liberty is a pretty conservative school, not just with religion but politics as well.
But this scholarship might be this boy's only chance of college now that his school has thrown him under the bus like they did.



ml79174 commented…

I have mixed emotions about Liberty's reaction, but I do think the high school was completely unfounded. He didn't bring it IN to the school and he was doing everything he could to write the wrong. Actually, it wasn't even a was an accident. An accident from a kid who apparently hasn't had many in the past. One end needs to loosen up and one end needs to tighten up.

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