Liberty University to Allow Concealed Guns in Classrooms

Liberty University, one of the nation’s largest Christian schools, will now allow students to carry concealed guns into classrooms, if they hold the proper permits. In 2011, the school dropped its campus-wide gun ban, allowing faculty, staff and students to bring guns on certain parts of school grounds. The new rule does have some restrictions: Students may not bring weapons into dorms, and students who are in violation of certain school honor code rules can not have guns on campus …


Delise Bento-Carrier


Delise Bento-Carrier commented…

I find the development alarming. I'm sure they merely believe it to be a constitutional right of their students and staff, but I don't think they've logistically thought of the concerns, and the safety of their campus. A political statement that upstages the welfare of it's staff and students.

Bucky Elliott


Bucky Elliott commented…

I fail to see the problem. This is what carry permits are for. They're not allowing any old Joe to carry a gun on campus; only those who are demonstrably law-abiding enough to get background checks, go through firearm safety training, qualify as a safe shooter, apply for a permit, and pay necessary dues. Handgun carry permit holders are among the most law-abiding demographics in any state. These are the folks you WANT to bear arms in an otherwise "gun-free" zone.



Watchman replied to Bucky Elliott's comment

Roughly 80% of the mass shooters in US history were law-abiding citizens who legally purchased their guns. Case in point: good guys go bad and these guys shouldn't be carrying guns.



Smoothee replied to Watchman's comment

So the solution is to not allow concealed carry? If a man's intention is to break the law (by committing murder), then why would he have any concern for a different law (one that prohibits guns on campus)?

No "mass shooter" will benefit from concealed carry on campus, because there's nothing stopping him from concealing a weapon as it is.

Tamarah Lee


Tamarah Lee commented…

I just can't understand why anyone at Liberty would possibly need a gun in the classroom.

Theophilus Hines


Theophilus Hines commented…

Hi Tam =)

The hope would be that there would never be an actual need for the gun. I would question then, what is wrong with the presence of a gun? ***(Especially if carried with due respect and concealed from other immature, fellow students who might flaunt and horseplay with it).

As you know, a gun is merely a tool. It can be used for a large number of purposes--some good and some bad--but obviously it is the individual who is choosing how to use it. Similarly, a pen is a tool. Depending on the individual it can be used for creative, informative, and friendly writing, or it could be used for slanderous and malicious writing. Again it is not the tool that makes the decision. *Side note* The pen does allow the malicious words to be written rather than simply spoken. Is that the a fault of the pen?

I think PART of the entire issue with guns is that much of our culture has accepted a negative view that guns are "great" when you're going hunting or sport shooting, but they are instantly "radio active" if you have it on you and aren't doing one of those two things--that they become immediate hazards and opportunities of great evils if not being used (in the moment) for hunting or sport.

I would be lying to say that the "presence of a gun in the moment" doesn't offer an opportunity for greater negative outcomes WHEN an individual has DECIDED to choose evil.

If a person is greatly offended and there happens to be a gun sitting on a table next to him, then yes he could choose to shoot the offender instead of simply shouting at him and then punching him in the face. In that scenario the "presence of a gun in the moment" allowed greater negative outcomes, but the individual, being already inclined toward evil, merely chose to enact upon his evil intent and use the gun.

I appreciate Smothee's comment above,

"So the solution is to not allow concealed carry? If a man's intention is to break the law (by committing murder), then why would he have any concern for a different law (one that prohibits guns on campus)?"

The one who will commit murder with a gun on a campus will not be hindered by it being illegal to conceal carry on school grounds. To the contrary, fellow students WILL be hindered from protecting themselves and others if it is illegal to conceal carry on school grounds.

Last note: Man is depraved to his core. Controlling guns or even "weapons" will not extinguish evil. Cain killed his brother Abel, with what... a stone? a stick? his hands?

Wendy Norris Myers


Wendy Norris Myers commented…

as if i'd ever send my child to that school in the first place.

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