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In Light of Accusations of Racism, the Food Network Has Dropped Paula Deen

We haven't posted much about the whole Paula Deen thing around here, because all the sources just seemed too questionable to justify the sort of matter-of-fact reporting to which many news outlets were resorting. However, given Deen's three meandering, hastily filmed apologies today—and the news that the Food Network will not be renewing her contract at the end of this season, it appears that the accusations of Ms. Deen—which include casually using racial slurs and discussing her interest in dressing black staffers like slaves at an event—have at least some truth to them ...


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Wow. That is unfortunate. She just lost a lot of fans, myself included.

Susan Irene Fox


Susan Irene Fox commented…

I second that, Esther. So sad, so sad. I've been shaking my head all day. I simply don't get it.

Jason Barnes


Jason Barnes commented…

I think the recent events dealing with Paula Deen are very sad. She has brought smiles to millions and now we see behind that smile and cuddly laugh is a racist. How sad, how tragic. I think the Food Network did the right thing. I pray for Paula and hope she finds love in her heart for all people regardless of color.

Michael McKinnon


Michael McKinnon commented…

What is sad is that Christians don't accept her apology, forgive her, and move on...all the while expecting Jesus to daily do that very thing for them.

J Conley


J Conley replied to Michael McKinnon's comment

I think in context of what her restaurants are accused of, which is sexual and racial discrimination in the workplace, as well as, on a different subject, promoting her style of cooking *while* hiding her diabetes, it can come across insensitive to demand forgiveness if we're not the ones who've been hurt.

We should show grace or forgiveness, but especially grace to those who've been hurt by her actions.

John Hughes


John Hughes replied to J Conley's comment

I find myself wondering how many people have actually taken the time to go out an find what Paula Deen actually said that was so offensive. It appears that a copy of the deposition is available online. Might be enlightening to read what she really said instead of what the media tells us we should be offended by.

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