A Look at the Highest Grossing Movie Franchises of All Time

Buzzfeed has created this cool, graphical look at the highest grossing movie franchises of all time. Their financial stats have been adjusted for inflation, and the totals only reflect box-office receipts—not merchandise or video sales. James Bond tops the list with more than $14 billion taken in since 007 first hit the big screen in 1972. Star Wars and Harry Potter rank second and third, both bringing in north of $9 billion. There’s also a few surprises on the list: The Mummy movies, the Men and Black franchise and the Planet of the Apes films have collectively brought in more than $4 billion. Shockingly, the Rambo movies failed to break the top 10 …


Giselle Jan Lahayon Asilo-Segura


Giselle Jan Lahayon Asilo-Segura commented…

I think this isn't accurate. Buzzfeed created that graphics last 2013. The values accumulated by the movie franchise might have changed by now.

Ben Schultz


Ben Schultz commented…

You have a typo—James Bond first entered the "big screen" in 1962, not 1972.

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