Man Falls Victim to Classic "Can We Borrow Your Car?" Trick

A couple in Burke, Virginia approached a man at a local restaurant, explaining to him that their car had broken down on their way to a wedding. Moved by their story, this very kind, very trusting, some might say very "optimistic" man loaned them his BMW, and told them to just bring it back to the parking lot the next morning. And the couple sped off with the BMW, never to be seen again. To make matters so much sadder, he'd left his engagement ring in the car. Sure hope those two made it to their wedding ...



Anonymous commented…

Not to be missed in this incredibly awkward tale of woe is the fact that the gentleman left his engagement ring in the car while he was patronizing the Hooters, where he is apparently "well known."

John Rader


John Rader commented…

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