Mark Your Calendars: Nic Cage’s ‘Left Behind’ Release Date Announced

From this day forth, October 3 shall be known as “The Day of Cage.” The maker’s of the new Left Behind reboot, starring America’s national treasure Nicolas Cage, have announced that the fateful fall Friday afternoon will now forever be associated with the unleashing of the actor’s most anticipated performance to date: Rayford Steele in the tribulation epic based on the bestselling series of novels. Mark your calendars, “The Day of Cage” is upon us ...


APreachas Kid


APreachas Kid commented…

I liked the original guy who played the role of Rayford, but with Cage stepping in for this reboot, It might add a little extra something to this great adaptation of the book. I'll be curious who else will fill out the rest of the cast.



rose commented…

This spells disaster in every possible combination. I love it.

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