As Marketing Stunts Go, Dove's Is Pretty Good

Even with the nicest, sweetest commercials, it's hard to completely erase the fact that commercials exist for one reason: to get a little more of that sweet cheddar. That doesn't mean commercials can't be nice or even say something true and important about the human condition however, as this short Dove video reveals. Using a sketch artist, a few women pulled in off the street, and some gentle lighting, Dove actually gets us all thinking about our self image. Whatever Dove's end game might be here, what their video accomplishes is very true and beautiful, and is a message we could all do with a little more of ...


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I really love this video. My favorite is when the women stand there, staring at their pictures, tearing up as they internalize the message they speak. It's just so beautiful!

Maria Baer


Maria Baer commented…

Dove's parent company, Unilever, also owns the Axe Body Spray brand. Fail.



Staci commented…

No, not really. Unilever owns Axe as well. In Axe ads women are shown as ditzy sex hungry objects for men to lust after. Unilever says one thing to women and another to men and both are to sell product to make money. Every time I see a Dove ad I feel sad.

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