Meet the 22-Year-Old Mom to 13 Ugandan Children and Nonprofit-Founder

USA Today has this cool profile of Katie Davis, a young missionary to Uganda who is now the mom to 13 children and runs a nonprofit that feeds and educates orphans in the country. After graduating high school, Davis wanted to be a short-term volunteer at a Ugandan orphanage, but once she got there, she said that God called her to stay and start the organization Amazima. The organization sponsors education opportunities for about 500 students. In addition to caring for the 13 local children she has taken in, organizing local Bible studies and running the nonprofit that also provides hot meals for about 2,000 children, Davis is promoting a book about her journey Kisses from Katie (which is adapted from her blog …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

What an inspiration! If only we could all obey when God gives instruction, imagine what the world would look like :-)

Austin Zane Jones


Austin Zane Jones commented…

In the second sentence; one graduates from high school.

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