Meriam Yehya Has Reportedly Been Re-arrested in Sudan

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, the woman who was released from death row yesterday following an international uproar for her unjust sentencing, appears to have been re-arrested again along with her family as she attempted to leave Sudan. The heartbreaking tale comes after 27-year-old Ibrahim refused to recant on her Christian faith, resulting in her being sentenced to hang as an apostate. Following a global outcry, Sudanese courts released her and her two children yesterday, and they quickly made plans to leave the country along with her American husband, Daniel Wani. However, a report says that the family was detained at the airport and is now being held for unknown reasons.

CNN also reports that a man claiming to be Ibrahim's brother has expressed outrage at his alleged sister's release, and has hinted at exacting his own retribution ...

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Beza Berhane


Beza Berhane commented…

This is absolutely insane in my opinion. The enemy and crooked minds are rampant out there. Let us remember her and her family in our prayers as well as Sudan's authority to have a change of heart.

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