Miracles Do Come True: The Story of the ATM That Paid Double

Sometimes nice things happen. Like when your order of french fries is especially hot and crispy. Or you get a Facebook message from a friend who's just checking to see how you are. Or an ATM malfunctions and pays out double the amount you ask for, without deducting double from your account. Admittedly, that last one doesn't happen often, but it happened at a small, hole-in-the-wall ATM in Scotland on Monday. Word spread over Twitter and soon, people were lining up by the hundreds to make the biggest withdrawals of their lives. Eventually, the bank got wise to what was happening and sent a police officer to guard the ATM while they tried to fix the problem. But the damage was already done and, apparently, since it was the bank's error, they won't be able to ask for any of their money back. So, if you're the banker, the "sometimes nice things happen" moral sort of flips on its head ...

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DGambino commented…

So, nice things happen when people take what isn't theirs? I know this may be a feel-good-fairy-tail story to some, but I'd like to think there aren't many readers on this website that would actually keep cash that was never rightfully theirs. Perhaps it's a naive's wishful thinking.

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