More than 20 Million Millennials Currently Live with Their Parents

Just how bad has the economic climate and recession been on millennials? According to a new Pew Research Center study, 21.6 million 18- to 31-year-olds are still living with their parents—that’s 36 percent of all millennials. A major factor has been the country’s unemployment rate and slow economic recovery, which has made it difficult for even recent college grads to find jobs. The researchers did preface their findings with the fact that at least a third of young adults living with their parents are college students (and may even live on campus for much of the year). The study also found that men (40 percent) are more likely than women (32 percent) to not leave the nest until later in life …

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Elizabeth Buck


Elizabeth Buck commented…

My husband and I are within that age bracket and chose to spend 2.5 years living with family so that I could stay home with our children and still save up to purchase our first home. We both had jobs, but made a conscience decision for me to leave mine and to move back in with (willing) family. I know over a half-dozen families that have done this recently - so maybe there is more diversity in the "living at home" subculture than previously thought? And more reasons for it than in previous generations, such as the price of real estate, and a higher average age at marriage.

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