Mountain Dew Is Making a Morning Drink, Kids

Hey, kids. Are you tired of lame adults telling you that you can only drink soda in the morning? What do parents know, anyway? Well, here's some news that's totally rocking. Mountain Dew is making a slammin' new AM version of itself called "Kickstart." Far out, right? Mountain Dew's spokesperson Elise Baker rapped that "Kickstart combines the best of all worlds—it tastes great, has just the right amount of real fruit juice and gives [kids] a kick to help them start their day." How much is just the right amount of real fruit juice? Great question, broski. About 5 percent. The rest is bunch of big, nerdy sounding words that cool dudes and dudettes don't have time to Google. But you can bet they're a lot of the same fun, sweet, safe, natural-ish ingredients that have made Mountain Dew so dope for years. Why worry about what's actually in it? You'll be way too busy killing can after can of Kickstart, which will start rocking shelves everywhere on February 25 ...




Mia commented…


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SammySupafly commented…

Dang! This is tight! Also, whoever wrote this has some mad lyrical prowess...

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