NBC Is Basically Putting 'Parks & Rec' in Timeout For the Rest of the Year

As networks start to make some tough decisions about which new shows will continue and which will be chopped, the long-struggling NBC has made what will probably be a very unpopular move: putting Parks & Recreation on a hiatus for most of the rest of the year. Effective immediately, the adventures of Pawnee's beloved city government are being tabled (aside from a brief return for its two-part Halloween episode ...which will air in mid-November.) Instead, NBC is planning to air some football, The Voice and some SNL re-runs, and then bring Parks & Rec back in early 2014.

According to Vulture, the idea is to garner some fresh viewers to its newest attempt at a comedy: Sean Saves the World, and it's hoping that airing some of its bigger successes will bring in more viewers. This doesn't mean Parks & Rec is canceled (yet), but it does mean that red tape is getting in the way of one NBC's last very good comedies. And we know how Ron Swanson feels about red tape ...




Devin commented…

Why do TV execs play games like this? I understand it doesn't have the highest ratings on television, but there a lot of loyal fans out there.

The show is still continuing to produce quality jokes, genuinely heartfelt moments, and some of TV's greatest characters. This is my all time favorite show and it has taught me a lot about forgiveness, friends, community, and working for something greater than yourself.

I am honestly stunned when I hear news like this.

I know there are more important, newsworthy events going on in the world, but this show is incredible and a cultural milestone



Jonathan commented…

Adam Scott (aka - Ben Wyatt) took to Twitter today to try to calm everyone down saying the term "hiatus" is misleading. Here is a quick summary of the tweets that the Parks and Rec Facebook account posted:


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