Nestlé CEO Is Sick and Tired of People Expecting Water for Free

Peter Braback, the CEO of Nestlé, has just about had it up to here with this world's bunch of lazy lowlifes who expect someone to just give them water, like it's a basic human right or something. Braback believes that water should be privatized like any other food, as opposed to certain organizations—who shall remain nameless—who just go around handing it out or digging wells of it for people. What do they think? That water is, like, earth's most plentiful natural resource or something? To hear some of these people talk, you'd think water just rains down from the sky ...




Skevin commented… he a Bond villain?



jhumbee commented…

looks like I've found my boycott for the Relevant Podcast

Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I agree, just giving out water is a bit extreme.....(heavy notes of sarcasm)

Greg Nash


Greg Nash commented…

The contradictions are amazing.
"We've never had it so good", yet villages receiving water pumps think "water near our house instead of an hour's walk away, we've never had it so good!".
If people should see a cost on their water, what should it be? Describe it not in dollars, but as a percentage of a day's wage. Many people are "doing well" to make a dollar a day. Would the Nestle CEO like to pay thousands of dollars for a litre of water?

Then where does Nestle source water to bottle? If it's a river, do they pay the landowners where the rain fell? If it's a bore, all the landowners whose land the underground water is shared with? I doubt they're using seawater..

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