New Research: Shroud of Turin May Be Authentic

New research on the Shroud of Turin suggests that the burial cloth may be real. The authenticity of the linen cloth, which some believe is the actual burial shroud of Jesus, has long been the subject of controversy. New infrared light tests on the cloth conducted by Scientists at the University of Padua in Italy suggests that the cloth does in fact date back to the time of Christ.

The news comes as the Vatican plans to show the Shroud of Turin on TV on Easter Sunday; its first television appearance in 40 years. Also today, a new mobile app, Shroud 2.0, designed by the Museum of the Holy Shroud and the Archdiocese of Turin, will allow users to examine the famous cloth up-close via a 12-billion-pixel image …


Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Unfortunately there are people whose faith is tied to physical proof, and the authenticity or lack of things like this sway their faith from side to side.



Matthew commented…

Esther - I understand your point. We should have faith regardless of whether that is real or not. But with that said if that is the face of our Lord and Savior it is something incredible to imagine and study into. I think we all know that whether it is real or not will never be proven. I saw on other studies they determined the DNA blood type is type AB. My personal thought is people who are swayed on when relics are discredited likely did not have a solid faith to begin with.



Carrie commented…

No-one can fully say for sure who the image is. it could be anyone during that time period. I'm just as curious and hopeful as anyone else that it is Christ.

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