A 'New York Times' Writer Visits Hillsong NYC

Here’s a cool write-up on Hillsong NYC from The New York Times’ “The 6th Floor” blog. The piece’s writer, Max Chafkin, was invited to the service by charity:Water founder Scott Harrison, who he recently profiled for the paper’s Sunday magazine. In the piece, Chafkin says, “I was trying to understand Harrison’s journey from nightclub promoter to charismatic founder of Silicon Valley’s favorite cause, and also because, I mean, megachurch in Manhattan! Who knew such a thing existed here?” After the service ended, congregants were invited by one of the Hillsong leaders to stick around for the “Holy Spirit, after-party megaparty." Evidently, Chafkin enjoyed his time at the church. He closed the entry with this line: “I’m a Jew, raised by a family full of nonbelievers, but I have to admit, I was tempted” …


Carlin Davidson


Carlin Davidson commented…

Is the article really that cool? I mean, other than saying he sorta liked it, everything else he says points to the church being stereotypical, labeled as "cool", hipster, preaching little of substance, and a little cliche... are we reading the same thing?

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