North Korea Test Fires More Rockets

North Korea has ramped up its provocative military action in recent days, reportedly conducting more weapons testing. South Korea accused the regime of Kim Jong Un of "tension-creating acts" for firing missiles off the coast over the weekend. The South Korean Defense Ministry said that the missiles could just be short-range tactical weapons but may also be a type of “large-caliber artillery rocket.”

Tensions in the region have been rising in recent months, with North Korea unleashing a string of wild threats against the United States and South Korea over sanctions imposed on the country, stemming from illegal nuclear weapons tests. Last week, North Korea sentenced American citizen Kenneth Bae to 15 years in a “special prison” after he reportedly took photos exposing the horrific conditions facing orphaned children in the country …

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Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

I just can't imagine the lives of those living in North Korea. I hope that they see things for how they are, and aren't convinced by their propaganda media that things there are great and wonderful.

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