North Korean Propaganda Video Might Not Be the Whole Story

Just when you thought that Kim Jong-un’s North Korean regime couldn’t possibly get any creepier, they released this propaganda video. Set to a strange, instrumental rendition of Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World,” the video depicts the dream sequence of a young man imagining himself aboard a spaceship—presumably armed with missiles—as it cuts away to American cities burning below. This comes just weeks after new satellite images from Google Earth revealed even more horrific prison camps once hidden in the country. Human rights groups estimate that in North Korea, there are approximately 200,000 people imprisoned in detention camps, and hundreds of thousands more have died from disease, torture, starvation and execution within the nation’s series of secret prisons. This video isn't exactly the whole story, is what we're saying ...

Update: After it was revealed that footage from the video was taken from the video game Call of Duty, a copyright complaint was filed by game-maker Activision, and the video has since been removed from YouTube.


Derrick Riley


Derrick Riley commented…

Wrong video? None of the things you described are happening.

Sarah Norman


Sarah Norman replied to Derrick Riley's comment

No, this is definitely the right video. The stuff about prison camps is a separate story about Google adding more to the North Korea map. The video is correct, though.

Wesley Tate


Wesley Tate commented…

It should also be noted that the video of New York burning is from a cut scene in Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3. (From Drudge Report-->



Colby commented…

Thanks for mentioning the people of North Korea! They aren't the same as the regime, and it's awesome that you guys noted that.

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