The North Pole Is Currently a Lake. No Biggie.

Look, there was a lot of news this past week. Anthony Weiner. The Royal baby. Important stuff like that. So, you can hardly be blamed for not noticing that, at some point, temperatures at the North Pole got balmy enough to create a lake where there should be a brick of frozen ice. Experts said that the ice is melting 61% faster than at any recorded point in the past three decades—and, to be clear, this isn't ocean water seeping up through cracks in the lake. That's bonafide ice melt you're looking at. (here's what the North Pole used to look like). So, sorry Santa. Hope you have a contingency plan. We don't ...


Adam Lorenz


Adam Lorenz commented…

My response can be easily summed up by the first 16 seconds of this clip:

Thank you Buddy the Elf. Thank you.

Dan Harrel


Dan Harrel commented…

Actually a couple of little facts may help this: 1. These are not pictures taken at the North Pole. The cameras are on ice floes that migrate south over time. According to an article at Climate Central this picture is taken at 85 degrees north latitude which would make it over 340 miles from the pole. 2. According to Mark Serreze (SCIENTIST!) this is a "melt pond" and they not in any way unusual. They have been observed since nuclear subs have traversed to poles during the cold war-several decades back.

Grant Story


Grant Story commented…

Awkward... for a magazine so well versed in challenging the ignorance of the Christian establishment, both directly and indirectly (rightfully so, BTW)... will we find they can handle the plank in their own eye?

RELEVANT, have you really chosen a "liberal" choir as the target for your sermons?

I sincerely hope not, because there are "average Christians" who could really benefit from a more consistent approach to Truth; these folks are no doubt turned off by regurgitated talking points.

Especially when said points inherit the overall snarky tone of one particular polical agenda... and are quickly debunked.

Free advice? Please stick to the pursuit of Truth and let God define your politics... leave man's agenda behind, otherwise you may one day cease to be... relevant.

PS. If there is any doubt over my motives here, I can only subtly draw your attention to my hot cup of coffee in an exotic flavor you've never heard of, certified by an island native that personally accompanied said beans to my home to ensure they are pure in origin. This while I enjoy homegrown grilled potatoes with some fresh homemade ketchup I whipped up this week. All this while covering up my otherwise-too-obvious v-neck with a scarf given to me by a Indian tribal chief thankful for a recent visit to his mountain top village. Only accessible by harnessing the power of multiple birds of prey for airlift to said village on said mountain top. Wearing a surprising hat and styled glasses that are just unusual enough to catch your attention and make you wonder how I could have possibly found them.

PPS. :D Thanks for sending me emails! Love the fonts!

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