NPR: Fickle Millennials Are Changing the Car Industry

As if millennials don’t take enough criticism from the media, according to this story from NPR, because of file-sharing and apps (?), millennials have decided not to own cars and are hurting the auto industry. Like many stories about millennials, the story does make reference to the fact that the generation is facing a tough economy. But, ultimately, they say that the reason why 18- to-31-year-olds aren’t buying cars is because they’re more focused on spending money on experiences, rather than expensive consumer items like cars. But instead of any real data about the economic climate facing young people or stats about car-buying, they instead talked to two twentysomethings who ride skateboards and use public transportation in L.A.

The story has ignited a pretty intense discussion in the comment section on, where users suggest that the story misses the bigger point: Young people leaving college are faced with a really difficult job market: “You can put a positive spin on it any way you like, we've had to learn to make do with less because we HAVE less.” And, “It really does come down to a generation that is simply having to make due with less which is going to have drastic consequences to our consumer economy” …




Carrie commented…

L.A. has a well-heeled transportation system, so the Millennials can travel around without the expense of vehicles. Makes sense. Chicago, NY, same story. Younger cities such as Houston, were I live- no so much. A city where all the neighborhoods are spread-out, topped with incinerating Texas heat, all riding on a transportation system that isn't so easy.

Oliver Queen


Oliver Queen commented…

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