The NRA's Big Announcement: More Guns

The National Rifle Association's big announcement today was to inform everyone that Mortal Combat, Grand Theft Auto, violent movies, the news media, gun-free school zones, Obama, music videos, the mentally ill, celebrities, sporting events and gun control—almost everything except guns—are to blame for the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre was unapologetically defiant in the face of calls for increased gun control and assault weapons bans, saying, "The only thing that stops bad guys with guns is good guys with guns." While applauding teachers for doing everything that they could, LaPierre asked audiences to imagine how things might have gone differently if the school had been policed by armed personnel. As a response, LaPierre asked Congress to appropriate funds to put a police officer in every single school in the country. He was interrupted twice by protesters, one of whom shouted insistently, "The NRA has blood on its hands" ...




Cody commented…

Americans have to decide: would we rather keep possession of our automatic and semi-automatic weapons (and armor piercing rounds? Who is regularly shooting at armored vehicles?) or see future innocent men, women, and children slaughtered every year? I am not opposed in the slightest to guns or possession of guns but this has become a matter of (voluntarily) giving up certain liberties in order to protect the lives of our neighbors. Australia and the U.K. have imposed similar bans on semi-automatic weapons and they have had little to none mass shootings in the last decade, so statistically we know this method works. All I know is something must change, we cannot let this one go like all the other incidents this year. Personally I don't feel that adding more guns to the equation is going to solve the humungo problem we face, do you?

Alejandro Gonzalez


Alejandro Gonzalez commented…

The only thing that can stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun.

And the guns are to blame? I guess we should have blamed the knife at the OJ Simpson trial.

Seth Neckers


Seth Neckers commented…

Friends, when we dwell on the gun control issue we miss the real issue at hand: God. We miss the fact that man is sinful and fallen (Rom. 3:23), and that if he neither knows nor respects his Creator and the inalienable rights endowed to all men, we should not expect him to behave morally. If man isn't right with God, don't expect him to be right with other men.

The answer to the gun violence issue isn't more or fewer guns on the streets. The solution is more men and women who know and love Jesus Christ, and out of that love seek the good of their fellow man. Only then will we be at peace.

Alex Aili


Alex Aili commented…

Good job Seth! Bring us back to the root. I cannot help but wonder why many people think that taking guns away will stop gun violence. How many deranged, mentally disturbed men and women will turn in their guns if they were to become illegal? Will they easily comply?

And is it fair to take guns away from good people? But one may argue with me: Adam Lanza took the gun from a good person, his mother, so ALL guns should be removed from society. Whose fault is the shooting? The good person with a gun or the bad person who stole the gun? And if his mother had possessed no gun, would Adam have truly "given up" and not attained a gun elsewhere?

I also disagree that good people with guns stops bad people with guns. I agree with self-defense and protecting others, but more guns is not the solution. As Seth said, it is God--He is the solution.

Eric Munoz


Eric Munoz commented…

I thought Relevant would have a more "Jim Wallis" stance on this issue. The lack of writing on this issue is an indication of how galvanizing the issue is. With a majority of evangelicals siding with groups like the NRA (, Relevant seems just as divided as to how to deal with the matter.

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