Obama Unveils Sweeping Gun Violence Proposals

President Barack Obama unveiled his proposal to curtail gun violence today, in the most sweeping set of measures called for in 20 years. After meeting with 229 groups on all sides of the gun control issue, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden called for a broad series of changes, including universal background checks on all gun buyers and limiting magazine capacities to 10 rounds. They also proposed new programs devoted to upgrading school safety and identifying mental illness earlier. The proposals will face a tough road ahead with a Republican-run House and Washington's famously powerful gun lobby ...


jimmy miller


jimmy miller commented…

So the next time I go see my Doctor to get my high blood pressure medication, we will have a conversation about gun ownership and my mental health status. I will in turn have a conversation with my Doctor about why there were no conversations in 1969 in the medical community concerning mental health for people who want to become politicians and use their cars to drown innocent young girls. The names Ted Kennedy, Mary Jo Kopechne, and Chappaquiddick will be part of that conversation.

Steven Harrell


Steven Harrell replied to jimmy miller's comment

This sounds like a really weird conversation.

Samuel Staggs


Samuel Staggs commented…

Nothing like taking the extreme opposite side of an issue to try to get the point across.

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