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Obama Will Return 5% of His Salary

In a gesture of solidarity with federal workers who are being affected by the sequester, the White House announced that President Barack Obama will be giving back 5% of his salary—the approximate amount of pay being cut from nondefense federal agencies. “The president has decided that to share in the sacrifice being made by public servants across the federal government that are affected by the sequester, he will contribute a portion of his salary back to the Treasury,” an official explained. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter will also be giving back portions of their salaries ...




Skevin commented…

I've always sort of thought it was weird that we pay the President. I mean, does he actually have any expenses to cover? And are we really worried he'll be unemployable after leaving office?

jake hawney


jake hawney commented…

This is 100% an empty gesture considering he is filthy rich from his book sales and will continue to make millions speaking around the world after he leaves office. If he really cared and wanted to make a stand, he would return or donate 100% of his salary to charity. But then again every statistic and study shows that Liberals don't give to charity, they want to tax the rich and have the government hand out the charity.



Skevin replied to jake hawney's comment

But he'd probably just donate it to a charity you don't agree with.

Also, here's an MIT study about partisanship and charitable giving that you might want to check out:

J Conley


J Conley replied to Skevin's comment

Wow, Jake, shooting from the hip. If you clicked the link in the article, you would know that the Obamas have donated 22% of their income to charity, and the proceeds from his children's book goes to a scholarship for the children of slain and disabled soldiers.
The president is indeed just a man, but in your quest to remind us of that fact, don't let your 100% non-researched opinions dominate your rhetoric.

Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling replied to J Conley's comment

Not sure how we are supposed to feel about this. Does he rely on the other 95%? If it's supposed to be a grand gesture, wouldn't a little more be appropriate?



Ross replied to Esther Aspling's comment

How much are you giving Esther?

J Conley


J Conley commented…

"The White House came up with the 5 percent figure to approximate the level of spending cuts to nondefense federal agencies that took effect that day. "

We all know how it works ... if you're a Republican and there's a Democrat in the White House, you'll be tempted to call foul on everything the president does not matter how good it looks, and vice versa. I'm guilty of that too.

i.e. Fox News makes a big deal about Obama's vacation time yet won't talk about how many vacation days Bush took.

Instead of asking whether the president should give more, maybe ask whether Congress should follow suit?

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