This Open Letter to Ann Coulter Is Required Reading

As you may have heard, Ann Coulter displayed the charming wit that is her trademark last Monday night with a tweet that referred to President Barack Obama as a "retard." The sentiment drew bi-partisan outrage and condemnation (and also nearly 3400 retweets and 1200 favorites. Yikes.) but no response has been more measured and thoughtful than that of John Franklin Stephens. John has Down's Syndrome, has participated in the Special Olympics and has written a number of articles about his feelings on the "r-word." His response to Coulter's tweet is kind, heartfelt and blisteringly convicting. It's also required reading so, pencils up, class ...



Jgmgbelize commented…

Maybe I missed it , but a google search of your magazine showed nothing of any outrage for Rahm Emanuel"s outrageous comment calling liberal s"F___k__g retards". Only found a negative comment about S. Palin who spoke out as she is the mother of a child with Down"s syn.


reGeNeRaTe X commented…

Sorry but I'm not allowing partisan "they do it too" nonsense to give Coulter a cut card. No one should be dropping the r-bomb irrespective of whatever political camp they belong to.


Anonymous commented…

So touching. He lays that out much better than I would have been able to.

And is it just me, or does he look like Bill Gates but with Downs?


Jamie commented…

possibly because people outside of chicago don't have any idea who rahm emanuel is?


Bryan Wagner commented…

I agree that calling anyone this is unacceptable. Just as Eva Longoria's retweet a couple weeks ago was inexcusable. There are ways to advance your political ideals without resorting to the childish calling of names.

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