Pastor Refuses to Tip Because It's Not Fair to God

Oh boy. A man who identifies himself as a "pastor" (right there on the check) decided that the whole "gratuity" thing is stupid. Apparently, the restaurant that he and a party of 20 dined at adds an automatic 18 percent tip to a total bill (rumored here to be about $200). When the diner found that out, he asked to pay for everyone on separate checks, thinking he could dodge the restaurant's auto-gratuity policy. But he couldn't, and that's when the pastor decided this was a spiritual matter. He scratched out the 18 percent tip on his check ($6.29) and wrote "I give God 10%. Why do you get 18"—and then, to make his point perfectly clear, wrote a big "0" on the tip line. And then wrote "pastor" next to his name, thus fulfilling his duty as a gentle shepherd instructing his flock on how to love a dark and needy world. The move has made the man some powerful enemies over at Reddit, who are on a hunt to track him down (one pastor took to Twitter to defend himself against accusations that he was the culprit) ...




GraceCity702 commented…

One thing I never considered when I personally and in my head, called this pastor a turd was that we don't see the whole story. The Pastor claims that she left a cash tip (along with several others). If that's true, then we don't see it because the waitress decided to tell only part of the story. What the pastor wrote was in poor taste and I believe the restaurant's decision to let the woman go was the right one. Bad behavior followed by bad behavior doesn't earn you credibility or a right to a job.

Alex Aili


Alex Aili commented…

I'm still confused how the pastor failed to differentiate between tithing one's income and tipping a waitress as if the proportions and context were the same.



Mapalo commented…

hmmm...don't know what's wrong with the Driscoll comment...Wondering also what exactly is being advocated fo here

sandra plate


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