Pat Robertson Finally Weighs in on the Whole Petraeus Thing

On Tuesday's 700 Club Pat Robertson broke his silence on the unfolding scandal that has culminated (for now) in the resignation of General David Petraeus from the CIA. The famously stern Robertson had a surprisingly cavalier tone about the whole affair. "She is an extremely good-looking woman," he said. "She is a marathon runner, she can run Ironman Triathlons. So, she’s out running with him and she’s writing a biography and I think the term is 'propinquity.' And there was a lot of propinquity going on." Robertson did not define propinquity for certain bloggers who had to go figure out for themselves that it means "proximity leading to attraction," but he did go on to say that he didn't think Petraeus needed to resign. "The man is off in a foreign land. And he’s lonely and here’s a good-looking lady throwing herself at him. I mean, it’s — he’s a man. So, there are people who felt he shouldn’t resign if it didn’t effect his work. I don’t condone sexual immorality, but at the same time, I don’t think it should be necessarily a disqualification for somebody to head the CIA" ...



Shane commented…

This is the same man that lobbied hard to have President Clinton impeached for his affair with Monica Lewinsky. He said it violated the trust of the American people. I think the Director of the CIA is a position of trust as well, but in Robertson's opinion, "'I dont condone sexual immorality, but at the same time, I dont think
it should be necessarily a disqualification for somebody to head the CIA.'"

Tired of the double standards. No wonder the world has lost respect for the Church.



J J replied to 's comment

President Clinton should have been impeached because he lied under oath, that is much different



Joshua commented…

I forgot about that. And here I was waiting for him to come clean on what God told him about who would win the 2012 election...

Darryl Brown


Darryl Brown commented…

I agree with Shane's point, the church is no longer "relevant" to the watching world, for several reasons. We don't maintain the very standards that we espouse, we don't live the principals that we preach, we become embroiled in matters that are immaterial to eternal destiny, our factions are not unified in purpose, and we don't practically get our hands dirty when it really matters.

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