PBS Reminds Us How Ridiculous Reality TV Has Become (Again)

Back in May, as part of its 50th anniversary campaign, New York’s PBS affiliate put up posters all over the city advertising ridiculous (also, fake) reality shows. The campaign posters, which featured photos and taglines from upcoming faux-reality shows like The Dillionaire: Life’s a Pickle, Bayou Eskimos: Their life is headed south, Knitting Wars: It’s sew on and, our favorite, Married to a Mime: She’s got plenty to say. The promos also carried the somewhat snobby line, “The fact you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV.” We get it PBS, not every network regularly shows 15-hour Ken Burns documentaries about the park service. Now, the public broadcasting network has revisited the campaign with several trailers for a new batch of ridiculous(ly awesome) looking fake shows including Meet the Tanners (about a family that loves to sunbathe), Clam Kings (about rival clam diggers) and, of course, Long Island Landscapers, a show we would totally watch …


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