Planet Fitness Hasn't Forgotten Pluto

It's been six years since NASA put Pluto in its place, and what a six years it has been. For a little bit of perspective, last time Pluto was a planet, LOST was still on. What a crazy world. But the people over at Planet Fitness have decided to make it their own personal mission to get Pluto back to its rightful spot with the rest of the galaxy's major players, seeing as they don't think size should be a determining factor for how important someone or something is. They've written this open letter to NASA to make their case, and it's pretty convincing. More companies should get on board this. NASA can't ignore us forever ...



Harshy commented…

Seriously? What a bunch of idiots. I wonder if they sound the lunk alarm if someone bad mouths Pluto.

Tim Copeland


Tim Copeland commented…

I reallyyy hope this is a's bad enough that planet fitness is a terrible gym, they're trying dive into astronomy now, too??

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