Police Crackdown on Church Group for Feeding the Homeless

For almost six years, Love Wins Ministries in Raleigh, N.C., has visited a downtown park that is home to many members of the local homeless community to provide them with a hot breakfast and some coffee on Saturday and Sunday mornings. For some reason, the area police suddenly have a problem with this. According to the group’s website, this week, police officers threatened to arrest them if they distributed the 100 sausage biscuits to the 70 people who had lined up waiting for them. Despite not telling the church which ordinance they were breaking by giving out food outside of the park, the officers said that they would need to purchase a $800-a-day permit to continue. The group now says they will find a venue near the downtown area to feed the homeless, even though they have used the sidewalk outside the park for years without any problems …


Andy Taylor


Andy Taylor commented…

"By the way, each permit to use the park costs $800. Yes, eight hundred dollars."
Not $8,000-a-day

Aaron Trank


Aaron Trank replied to Andy Taylor's comment

Love Wins should seek legal council and fight this! My organization (Jews for Jesus) has had lots of run-ins with police officers who abuse their power to stop Christian ministry from happening. We've fought (and won) many of these cases!

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