Politicians Will Be Banned From Speaking at This Year's 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

A letter from Joe Daniels, the president of the September 11 National Memorial and Museum, explained that no politicians will be allowed to speak at their commemoration ceremony later this year. The hope is that this ban will lend a nonpartisan spirit to event, and keep the focus on unity instead of division. It's an understandable decision in the midst of a heated election year, but it will leave both President Obama and Senator Romney in a bind as to how and when to address 9/11. In past years, President Obama has chosen to read from Psalm 46 and President Bush quoted from one of Abraham Lincoln's letters to a family who had lost their husband and father to the Civil War ...



fctorino commented…

The President must be allowed to speak at 9/11's memorial ceremony because he is the sovereign leader of the nation, and, to a lesser extent,if the 9/11committee has availed itself of federal government monies . Obama must be seen, not as a political entity, but as the ideal leader who can gather all peoples of the United States together, even if only for a few minutes, even during a political election year. To do otherwise would be to dishonor the office of the President.


Anonymous commented…

That's embarrassing. C'mon, Relevant.

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