Pope Cancels Bonuses for Vatican Officials; Makes Charitable Donation

Newly elected Pope Francis, who has become known for his emphasis on financial humility, has now canceled bonuses for Vatican officials. Traditionally, select members of Vatican leadership receive bonus checks when a new Pope is elected—this year, they were due to get about $2,000 apiece. Instead of the bonuses, the Pope has told officials to draw funds from his personal charity budget, and make a donation to several charitable organizations. According to a Vatican spokesperson, the move is “a sign of the church’s attention for the many people who are suffering” …


Jamin Bradley


Jamin Bradley commented…

I mentioned this guy in my message yesterday because of all the awesome things he's doing and then woke up to see yet another story about him on Relevant! So awesome. This guy breathes Jesus.

Douglas Wilson


Douglas Wilson commented…

I still think it was a huge publicity stunt to make people forget about the child sexual abuse issue they have.

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