Pope Francis Is Going to Live in the Guest House, Thank-You Very Much

For the first time in over a century, the pope is going to eschew convention and ditch his elaborate digs at the apostolic palace for the quiet of the Vatican's guest house. Pope Francis has made a habit of spinning pontiff protocol all topsy turvy since his election, but this may well be his most significant break with tradition yet. He'll be surrounded by the lay in his new home, which will allow him to keep doing what he's been up to the past couple of weeks: celebrating Mass in groups, sharing meals with his guests and going on walks outside ...


Chris Rouse


Chris Rouse commented…

I'm not Catholic, but I like this guy so far, at least based on his recent actions. He seems to take the role of Pope not as a higher office, but as an opportunity to lead by example to the rest of the clergy.

He skips out on high ceremonies and goes to juvy hall to have Mass with teenagers. He doesn't want to live in the palace. He's not afraid of being human with people.

He also doesn't remind me of Mr. Burns every time I see a picture of him.

I look forward to seeing how he leads and if this continues to be his legacy. I also hope it changes how future popes treat this position.

Nick Seders


Nick Seders commented…

Pope Francis is doing a great job of earning respect - he certainly has mine thus far. I so appreciate his humility and his will to lead by example!

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